Best Time to Visit Boston Massachusetts

Below is information on when to visit Boston Massachusetts including a chart of weather, flight and hotel prices, and user reviews.

When to visit Boston Massachusetts

Best Time to Go to Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has a charm that beckons visitors in all seasons, but there are some times of the year that draw many more people to this historic and unique city. Besides the weather, there are other factors that make certain times a better time to visit. The availability of cheap flights, cheap hotels, reasonable car rentals rates, and smaller crowds are all considerations when planning the timing of a Boston visit.

1. Consider the season:

Autumn is definitely an excellent time to go to Boston. The crisp fall air and the gorgeous colors of the turning leaves against a backdrop of historic buildings are amazing. If you want to arrive in Boston at the peak of Leaf Peeping, plan to be there about mid-October. Any time from the 3rd week in September through the 1st week in October should provide you with a beautiful display of natureís colors. During September and October, thousands of students arrive in the city to attend the many colleges in the city. This activity adds a feeling of energy and festiveness to the city.
The winter months are not the best time for a Boston visit. It is dark and cold with snow on the ground a good part of the time. The snow and cold make it difficult to walk about on the historic trails and see the famous sites. However, if you enjoy the cold, you can ice skate or take a walk in the snow around one of the gardens.

May and June may be good times to come to Boston, but in the early spring months, the weather can sometimes be cold, muddy, and unpredictable.

Summer is a wonderful time for a trip to Boston. The weather is usually pleasantly warm, or it can be hot and humid. There are many tourists during this time, as well as lots of locals out participating in activities. There are outdoor concerts, walking and bicycle trails, baseball games at Fenway Park, museums, and plenty of eateries serving ethnic and American food.

2. Seasonal temperatures and precipitation:

July and August have the warmest temperatures with the average highs in the low 80s. June and September are a little cooler with highs in the 70s. December and January are the coldest months with temperatures ranging from the low 20s to the high 30s. March has the highest average precipitation with October and November the next wettest.

3. Low airline rates:

Because the summer and fall seasons are the most popular time to visit Boston, airline rates are definitely higher than winter and early spring. You may get a lower rate by booking early if you know your plans. Watch for last minute discount rates.

When to go to Boston Massachusetts

4. Hotel rates:

Rates go up considerably during the summer and fall. Families are a large part of the tourist crowd in the summer. They may find cheaper accommodation rates by going to the outskirts of the city. Retired people and singles come to Boston in the fall. They can take advantage of special discounts like groupons, AAA, military and retired people discounts.

/5. Crowds:Crowds are large in October, especially during special events like The Head of the Charles regatta. During Leaf Peeping, it can be difficult getting lodging. During April, May, and June, hotels and restaurants fill up for graduation near the many Boston colleges. A big day in the summer, with huge crowds coming into town, is the Fourth of July. Itís wise to make reservations many months in advance during the very crowded times.

Any time can be a good time to visit Boston. It depends on what you want. You can save some money on airfare, hotels and food by visiting in the winter through early spring. Because of the cold weather, your activities will be limited, but you can enjoy theater performances, museums, delicious food, beautiful holiday decor and celebrations. Going in late spring, summer or fall will cost more in travel costs and hotel costs. Also, expect the weather to be hot and humid in the summer. You will, however, be rewarded with many historic sites to see and activities to do. Of course, the highlight of October is the beautiful display of vibrant colored leaves.

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