Best Time to Visit New Orleans Louisiana

Below is information on when to visit New Orleans Louisiana including a chart of weather, flight and hotel prices, and user reviews.

When to visit New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. It is a major United States coastal port and the population was a half million in the last census. After being destroyed by Katrina, New Orleans has staged a renaissance. That New Orleans resilience was on full display as they re-built the city in record time. They began to offer the world’s most renowned convention and party atmosphere within months of the catastrophe.

Today, it is buzzing and again offering an integral part of the city's charm, its festivals. New Orleans has festivals all year, but from March until May the festivals ramps up with food, music, culture, literature, and the arts. Prices rise during major festivals.

The resounding theme is that when the weather is cool, prices are hot. However, if you are interested in Mardi Gras, the best time to visit New Orleans is from February to May. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, also called Shrove Tuesday. It refers to the day before the beginning of Lent. Religious Christians would consume all items that would be banned during Lent. People used Lent as a time to fast and repent.

Traveling to New Orleans Louisiana

Mardi Gras is "fat" or "great" because it is associated with a lot food and celebrations. It is a one-day event in most parts of Europe, but it lasts several days in New Orleans. This is the most expensive and crowded time to visit. It is, however, the best time to visit because the culture of New Orleans is on display. The crowds are large, but they are there to experience the essence of the magical city and celebrate the occasion.

The least expensive time to visit is in the summer. During this time, hotels offer low prices and package deals. With a daily high around ninety degrees, summers are hot and humid. This fact cannot be ignored. When enjoying daytime events, caution must be taken because the heat is unbearable. Flights are also lower at this time of the year. The Essence Music Festival is presented at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on July 3-6. This star-studded event is worthy of the birthplace of jazz. The days are hot in the summer, but the nights are cool. This cooling makes the activities in the evenings and at night more bearable in the summer.

When to go to New Orleans Louisiana

Spring and fall are pleasant. Temperatures average eighty degrees from October through April. In April, millions make the pilgrimage to the historic Fair Grounds and Race Course. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has presented music from around the globe for forty years. The lineup is a who's who of music legends. It is presented on April 25 - May 4 and the music is inspirational, the weather is cool and the celebrations are in full swing. These scheduled events bring crowds from across the world.

New Orleans is not a big city. If crowds are a problem, New Orleans proper should be avoided on these dates. There are plenty of smaller shopping venues in New Orleans that are less crowded. In December and January, the city is calm, and making hotel reservations a year in advance is not necessary. Christmas is a beautiful time to see the city, and the streets become quiet. The rates are low on hotels and flights, except when New Orleans is hosting a major sporting event. They regularly host the biggest events in collegiate and professional football and basketball.

New Orleans is known for the world-renowned restaurants that line the streets, but Acme Oyster and Seafood House have local delicacies, unique flavors and famous New Orleans cocktails at a reasonable price. It is located at 724 Iberville Street. The dress is casual, and entrees are under twelve dollars. Acme has been in business for nearly one hundred years. Diners may start with a dozen cold oysters, but red beans and rice, creole seafood gumbo and fried seafood are standards at Acme.

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