When to Go to Greece

When is it best to visit Greece? Probably during the month of May when the beautiful spring flowers are in bloom and the temperatures are mild. However the considered “best time” to visit really depends on the individual and what you are looking to do when you arrive in one of the oldest civilizations in the world known as Greece.

Generally, the best time to visit Greece is from about April to September, that is if one desires to be there during warmer temperatures and avoid cold weather and packing lots of extra warm clothing. April through June can provide some beautiful weather but keep in mind that July through September can see some high temperatures. However if you don’t mind hot temperatures but still crave blue skies, you will love the summer and its breathtaking islands. Even though the temperatures can be hot and brutal, you can always count on a nice breeze on the islands to keep you cool. Keep in mind that if you choose to sightsee, you may have to deal with extremely warm temperatures (in the mid 90’s) as well as long lines.

If you looking to simply relax and enjoy the aqua beach during the summer, you might consider visiting the Mikri Vigla on Naxos or the Lalaria on Skiathos which offers plenty of white sand and sun. These beaches also offer boat rentals and various tour groups if you decide to do some sightseeing or take part in activities such as biking. No vacation in Greece is complete without visiting Mount Olympus which is considered sacred and home of the gods and goddesses known as the Olympians. If you do not mind the heat, August offers plenty of festivals such as the Patras Festival and International Music Festival.

Choosing the best time of the year to vacation in Greece definitely depends on what you want to do and visit. For instance October through March (considered off season) can see many cold and rainy days but if you want to visit museums or sightsee without the summer crowds, this probably would be the best time for you. You will avoid having to stand in long lines to enter a museum or get something to eat. If you plan to visit archaeological sites or do some Acropolis mountain hiking, this can work to your advantage because the summer months can make for an uncomfortable and hot hike. Athens is wonderful to visit during the winter, particularly for its nightlife, music, café’s and shopping. Usually the great shops are within walking distance to hotels and are known for its fantastic sales during January and February. Winter in Greece also offers tourists various festivities like the International Film Festival held in November in the city of Thessaloniki. Then Christmas time offers incredible views of the harbor dressed up holiday attire while colorful lights glisten on the water. Also during these colder months many hotel and air fare ticket prices tend to drop. Plus since the crowds are greatly reduced you can truly experience Greek culture and its delicious food.

Winter in Greece is also perfect if you are looking for an active vacation as it allows one to enjoy horseback riding, mountain climbing and biking. Spending time in Thessaloniki (in Northern Greece) can provide a perfect sky vacation and it offers fabulous resorts that are full of great food and comforting log fires. The large islands of Corfu and Lesvos offer numerous walking trails that lead to picturesque villages, churches and the stunning sea.

No matter if you are looking to hike the mountains of Acropolis, visit historical sites or soak up sunshine and swim in the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, any day of the year is perfect when you are in Greece!

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