Where to go in Thailand in September

Thailand_resor_bigThailand in September: Enjoy your Visit

September is one of the best month’s to visit Thailand, whether you have a few days to stay and play or have come for an extended holiday. Although there are some heavy downpours during the month, particularly in Phuket and Bangkok, the crowds are less intense, rates for attractions are lower than at other times of the year, and there is a fresh air that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.Central Thailand: Explore Bangkok and more

During your September Thailand visit, make sure that you do visit Bangkok, which is the country capital. A massive amount of attractions for the visitor exist in the city, including the Grand Palace, Tiger Temple, the Floating markets, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, among many others. Central Thailand is also home to amazing waterfalls in the town of Kanchanaburi. The town is quite impressive for the nature lover, and hiking, rafting, and rock climbing are among the activities for locals and visitors to enjoy.

The Amazing Beaches of Thailand

If you want your visit centered around the water, Thailand has many great beaches for the visitor to choose from. The Andaman Coast is one of the country’s most impressive beach areas. Ko Lanta has a great beach that is usually virtually crowd-free during the month. Thailand has impressive standards for their beaches, so you will certainly enjoy the charm and appeal each location offers. Keep in mind that heavy rains are often present on the Andaman Coast during the month, but this rain is usually reserved for evening and night hours. Be sure to come prepared with a few good books for those days when you’re unable to head to the beach.

Fun Festivals in September

During the month of September, Thailand is host to several different festivals that you are sure to want to be a part of. These festivals take place at various locations in the country. Festivals that you are sure to want to check out include:
• Bangkok International Film Festival: We have already mentioned Bangkok being a great area to visit during the rainy month of September. While there, be sure that you enjoy the Bangkok International Film Festival. Held annually since 2003, this festival brings movie and film lovers from around the world together to enjoy films from various countries.
• International Swan Boat Races & Long Boat Race Championship: This festival takes place in Ayutthaya on the Chao Phraya River. Here teams from all throughout Asia gather for great fun and competition. Being a part of this fun festival is sure to show you an amazing time.

The Gulf Coast Islands

The Gulf Coast Islands in Southern Thailand are also worth your time while in the country. The Gulf Coast Islands consist of three small, but equally beautiful islands, each with warm water and sandy beaches, as well as a plethora of activities for the visitor to enjoy. Phetchaburi is home to ancient crumbling temples, while Pak Nam Pran is a sophisticated resort that allows you to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The island of Ko Sami is the most attractive of the three islands, so make sure that you spend as much time here as possible. While on the Gulf Coast, be sure that you also take your time to explore Hat Phu Noi, where the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park is situated. This national park features limestone crags, migrant birds, freshwater marshes and more. This is another excellent place for the nature lover to visit. What’s even better, the town lies a short 28 kilometers from the beautiful Pak Nam Pran beach.

Final Thoughts

Even in the month of September, Thailand has an abundance of activities that all visitors can enjoy. Whether you want to enjoy a festival, explore a great beach and island, or something else, Thailand has something to offer to you during your visit. Do not allow the scare of rainfall to keep you away. Sure, there will be rain during the month, but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the versatile and wonderful activities offered. Use the information above to score an unforgettable holiday in Thailand during the month of September. You will not be disappointed.

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