When to Travel to Bahamas

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When thinking about travel locations, the Bahamas are probably on the top of many people’s list. The Bahamas have on average more than 300 hundred days of sunshine, and the temperature is almost always in a comfortable range from 65 to 85 degrees. With this much sun and a great temperature range it would seem that the best time for Bahamas travels would be anytime. However this may not be the case.

Many people will choose when to go to the Bahamas based solely on their work schedule. Whereas many others will choose when to travel to the Bahamas when the weather starts to become colder and winter starts to move closer to their regular home. This makes some feel that the best time for Bahamas travels are around December and straight through to April. In fact there are so many who feel this way that, December to April is actually the most active time in the Bahamas for tourists.

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For some people choosing when to travel to the Bahamas would be based on when the cheapest flights could be found as well as when there are less crowds to be around. For many this would mean booking a flight sometime between June and November. Going during this time will also offer cheaper hotels and fewer crowds.

The Bahamas do have a few more things to offer besides just a beautiful blue sky, warming sun, nice year round temperatures and great beaches to walk on. The Bahamas also has a festival that starts on the 26th of December and the 1st of January. This festival is a celebration of the history of the Bahamas. This takes place on many of the islands, some of these festivals are bigger than others, but all are sure to be an experience that won't be forgotten.

The Bahamas are also a place that many people go for spring break. This can easily be a six week long party from the beginning of March to the middle of April. If this is not something that would be found interesting it would be a good idea to make a note of the times. That way when planning a trip the spring break time could be avoided.

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So if planning to travel to the Bahamas on a budget and wanting to get the most out of the trip going sometime after April and before December would be the best time. Also if trying to decide when to go to the Bahamas is based on when the lowest hotel rates as well as the lowest airfare this would be the best time choice as well.

Whatever the reason and no matter what time of year has been chosen to go to the Bahamas it will be worth the visit. No matter where or when a vacation time has been picked there is always a chance the weather will be less than ideal. There will also always be some form of construction. Both of these things are unavoidable and should be expected. Even in a place as beautiful as the Bahamas.