When to Travel to Cancun Mexico

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Spring Break! Spring Break!

Cancun is one of the loveliest places that one can visit in the Caribbean. The water is a crystal clear blue and the white sand beaches are endless. However, when is the right time to visit this slice of paradise? That answer depends on what you are looking for in a vacation.

Cancun is perhaps best known for its Spring Break madness. If you are looking for a wild time with a thousands of other co-eds, then visit Cancun anytime between the end of February to the middle of April. You will be joining hundreds of other stressed college students looking for a break. Be prepared for wild parties, plenty of drinking, and laying out in the sun. This is hookup culture at its finest.

If you want to experience the legend of Cancun at Spring Break, then you must visit during the Spring months. This will allow you to see what the fuss is all about when it comes to the ultimate Spring Break destination: Cancun.

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Family Friendly Resorts

If you are well beyond your college years, then do not worry because Cancun still has plenty to offer. There are incredible Mayan ruins to see and margaritas to drink! Do not let the college kids have all the fun because there is plenty for you to do and enjoy. Believe it or not, Cancun is actually very family friendly. You just need to find a resort that caters to people of all ages. You may also want to avoid Cancun during the early to late Spring months to ensure that you are seeing the city at its finest.

The summer months are scorching hot, but you can still enjoy a day at the pool or beach. However, late Fall after hurricane season is ideal because the temperature is still warm enough to get a tan. You can also enjoy a dip in the ocean. You might want to avoid Cancun during the months of August to November as that is when hurricane season is at its strongest. There is no guarantee that your trip will feature the cloudless skies and calm water you see advertised on your hotel's brochure. If you want to keep your family safe and enjoy a great vacation, then think twice before booking your hotel during this time.

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Where Should You Stay?

You can easily find great all inclusive packages during the whole year. There are special packages dedicated to the Spring Break crowd that will get you as much alcohol as you want. Do not expect four star properties, and expect to be herded around with the masses during this time. Consider staying in a place that will include everything from club entry fees to water sports. This will keep you on the property and from wandering off alone. Cancun has plenty to offer, but if you are here for Spring break, then foreign culture is not it. Spring Break's gritty atmosphere can attract a seedy crowd. However, that is part of the experience if you want to live through Cancun's infamous and endless Spring Break party.

Many cruise ships come in an out of Cancun as well. If you want to to stay out of the highly beaten tourist path, then avoid the ports of call by all means. This will keep you away from the crowds and out of the tourist traps. You should consider staying at a bed and breakfast for a unique Cancun experience. However, you can also stay at a fine beach front resort. You just need to determine what experience will fit you best when it comes to finalizing your trip details. Cancun has plenty to offer everyone of all ages. You just need to know what you want kind of vacation you want to have before signing on the dotted line. However, it does not matter when you go because Cancun is waiting to show you a great and relaxing time.