When to Travel to Greece

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Explore the Ancient Wonders of Modern Greece

Greece is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe thanks to its mythical past and sublime islands. If you have never been to exotic places like Santorini, Mykonos, or Corfu, then you must book your flight as soon as possible! This will be one trip that you never forget thanks to the Greek hospitality that will greet you when you arrive and the unbelievable scenery you will explore.

The Best Islands to Visit

The Ionian Islands are often regarded as the best thanks to the deep turquoise color of the sea and the picturesque white and blue houses. Santorini is famous for its sunsets, and Mykonos is a well known party spot. Almost all trips to Greece will start in Athens. You do not need more than a couple of days in the city to see the Acropolis and other monuments. Do not judge the rest of the country on the filth of Athens as it is well known to be dirty.

It is not unsafe, but book your ferry to the islands as soon as possible because they do book up fast! You can also take a quick flight that will not last more than an hour. Ferries can take all day if you do not take the more expensive hydroplane option. Keep these things in mind while traveling through Greece.

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Weather to Expect

Thanks to Greece's moderate climate all year long there is no bad time to visit. Of course, it will be hot in the summer, and it can rain in the winter. Thus, if you want to go to the beach, it is best to go around the end of May to July during the low season. Most of Europe is on vacation in August, and prices can double during that time. However, if you only have time to go to Greece during the winter, then do not worry. There are plenty of ancient ruins that you can explore while visiting important sites like Delphi, Rhodes, or Athens. Summer can be sweltering, and you will need to pack plenty of shorts and sunscreen!

Scoring Deals to Greece

The country's current financial crisis is also great for the tourist's wallet as everything is quite inexpensive. Keep your eye out for deals on tickets to Greece, and book one once you find it. You can also look for cheap flights to Western cities like London, Paris, or Lisbon. Many budget airlines fly to Greece from other major European destinations. This might be something you want to take advantage of if the price difference is large enough.

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If you are of the adventurous spirit, then there is no need to book your hotel room. Many representatives line up and down the ports to advertize their rooms and rates. You can haggle with people for the best prices. It might bring uncertainty, but you could also end up at a great location that is the best kept secret of the island you are visiting. You can always check out the list of top hotels or budgets hostels online before you visit. Sometimes prices are inflated when you book through a third party website. Contact the hotel or hostel direct for the best possible prices.

Overall, the most expensive part of your trip will be actually getting there. Once you get in the country then you can expect rock bottom prices on everything from food to souvenirs. All you need to do is spend your days soaking up the sun and partying at night at the island's latest hot spots. Greece is one destination you will never forget.