When to Travel to Hawaii

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Best time to go to Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With Hawaii’s picturesque beaches, grand resorts, and lavish landscapes, this isn’t the least bit surprising. People from all over the world come to Hawaii in search of the perfect vacation. When to travel to Hawaii largely depends on the kind of things are important to you for your vacation. In general, holidays tend to be the busiest times for a Hawaiian vacation.

Christmas in particular is the busiest time of year in Hawaii. However, there is plenty to do on holidays, especially at resorts. A Christmas themed vacation is sure to be magical if you don’t mind the crowds. Below are some different advantages of different times for best Hawaii travel. Good luck planning your Hawaiian vacation!

Winter is the best time to go to Hawaii in terms of temperature and scenery. Heavy rainfall throughout December means active waterfalls and green landscapes. Temperatures throughout the day are in the high seventies and water temperatures are in the low seventies. Also, the winter is prime surfing season in Hawaii, so if you are a surfer or want to see some surfing competitions, winter is the time to come.

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However, in terms of prices, crowds, and weather winter is a less desirable time of year for a Hawaiian vacation. Thanks to the popularity of Christmas vacations in Hawaii, hotel and airfare costs remain inflated throughout the winter months. As stated earlier, Christmas is the busiest season in Hawaii. Therefore, there will be large crowds on the beach, in resorts, and on every tour. Thankfully, this influx of tourists only lasts for about a week between Christmas and New Year's, leaving the rest of the winter months relatively quiet. Weather can also be a factor during the winter months. It is the rainy season in Hawaii. So, while temperatures may be at their best, it is less likely that you will actually be able to get out and enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities.


In terms of best Hawaii weather, fall is definitely not your best bet. While prices are definitely lower than they are in the winter, the trade-off is not really worth it. Rates are also still higher than they are in the spring and summer. Weather in Hawaii during the fall months is hit-and- miss at best. At worst, a Kona storm could hit during your vacation. Kona storms brings buckets of rain, lightning, gusts of wind up to sixty miles an hour, and even snow occasionally. While Kona storms are rare, they do happen and always in the fall.

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However, fall in Hawaii's Big Island is host to the Iron Man Triathlon every year in October. If you are interested in fitness, this is a wonderful event to plan to visit for. The event can cause large crowds though. The rest of fall is far less busy though and rates for hotels and airfare are much lower in November than they are in December. So, if you're willing to take a chance on the weather, you will probably find Hawaii to be an affordable vacation.


Spring in Hawaii means less rain and lower prices. Crowds are relatively low in the spring with the exception of Spring Break times in March and the Japanese "Golden Week" in April. Still, these visitors are far fewer than the ones who arrive around Christmas and in the summer. Spring is also a best time for Hawaii travel because of the weather. Spring marks the start of the dry season and temperatures range in the high seventies, with the water always perfect for swimming, but surfing begins to die down in the spring thanks to a shift in the winds. If you are asking when to travel to Hawaii, the answer might just be spring.
The best part of spring in Hawaii is the land. Fresh flowers bloom. Waterfalls are still rushing. The smell of fresh fruit is in the air, and the sky is blue and wide. The grass in green and the beaches are white. It is the perfect tropical paradise. Spring is host to only one large event in Hawaii, The Merrie Monarch Festival on Easter Sunday. It is not generally a tourist attraction, so crowds do not generally increase. Spring may in fact be the best time to go to Hawaii.


Summer is the most popular time to visit the Hawaiian Islands thanks to most children being out of school. The same is true for the children in Hawaii, so the beaches tend to be more populated. The crowds are at their highest point in the summer months, and it can be more difficult to find appealing accommodations at this time. Also, temperatures are at their highest in the summer, reaching the high nineties some days. Humidity is also at the highest point, which combined with the heat can be uncomfortable for some tourists. Summer is also hurricane season, although hurricanes are, thankfully, a rarity.
Surprisingly, summer popularity does not translate to higher costs. Resort rates remain as low as they did in the spring. However, the same is not true for airlines. Airfare will most likely be higher in the summer months because this is when people travel most often. June through August will see the highest increase in airline prices aside from holidays. Summer is not the best time for Hawaii travel. While the lower resort rates are nice, they probably won't compensate for the airfare, and they definitely won't compensate for the uncomfortable weather and huge crowds.
A last word
Every season has some advantages when it comes to visiting Hawaii, however there are clearly better times to go than others. Spring is perhaps the most beautiful and temperate time of year for the islands, and it is paired with some of the lowest travel costs of the year. Fall is little more expensive, but not nearly so much as in the winter. Fall may boast the best temperatures of the year, but also the worst weather. Winter is a popular time to visit Hawaii and has the second largest number of visitors and also the highest prices. Weather is sometimes rainy, but temperatures are almost as good as in the fall. Summer is the worst time to visit Hawaii for everything except the cost. Prices are low and crowds are big. Temperatures are hot. Your best bet is to aim for a few months earlier in the spring or later in the fall if you can. These are much better times for a visit to Hawaii.