When to Travel to London England

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What Time Should I Go to London England?

London is spectacularly rainy all year long. Therefore, you will want to pack an umbrella and a rain coat no matter what time of year you visit. That said, Christmas is one of the loveliest times to see the city. The city lights up with seasonal cheer, as Christmas makes London shine a little brighter. You will get to see all of the stores decked out in their finest decorations. You may even get to see the city covered in snow if you are lucky! The holiday season is ideal for people what to see London at its finest.

London Best Weather

Spring is always nice in the city as well. However, London's weather can be a little bit unpredictable. It can be very hot one minute and pouring down rain the next. You should always dress in layers when visiting this city. Summer is a much nicer time to visit London. The sun will be shining, and people are happy. You can join Londoners who like to bronze and picnic in Hyde Park. London is a walking city, and you will be able to enjoy many parks, avenues, and trails during the warmer months. Thus, visit after the April showers for city of London best weather.

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Cheap Flights to London

One of the cheapest times to go to London is in the fall. You can score great tickets around the end of September or November. If you sign up for travel alerts, then you will be able to get the first pick of flight deals. Try traveling from East Coast cities as they will have the cheapest fares. You will also want to book your flight as early as possible because that will give you a definite leg up on prices.

Become a Londoner

If you still do not know when to go to London, then you still have several ways to decide. First, check to see if there are any special concerts, events or festivals happening that you want to see. If you love art, then check out the current and future expositions of your favorite museums. Personalize your trip so that you see the unexpected while visiting this amazing city full of history and culture. Do not be afraid to dig deeper when considering,"What time should I go to London England?" Your trip will be that much better if you are able to do more than just the usual tourist stops.

When to Go to London?

If you are looking to beat the crowds, then good luck! It can be difficult to not expect long lines at major tourist attractions. However, if you are willing to go off the beaten path, then you might find the peace and quiet you are craving. Ask locals where they eat, drink, and shop. Follow their suggestions to cool places you might would not know about otherwise.

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You can even take a few day trips outside of London to escape the bustle of city. The beach is an easy couple of hours from central London by train. This will give you a chance to see parts of England that you have never seen. You can always retire to a nice dinner at your London hotel upon your return.

One could never get bored in London. However, it is easy to find everyday a little routine. Spice things up by taking a cooking class or going salsa dancing. You will get to mingle and mix with real Londoners and learn some new tricks.

London is an amazing city that deserves plenty of time if you really want to get a proper feel of it. You can see the main sites in a long weekend, but try to a dedicate longer trip if possible. Consider renting an apartment to get a real feel for the city. You will feel more like a Londoner than you ever realized possible!