When to Travel to Switzerland

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When to go to Switzerland
When to go to Switzerland? It depends on what you want to experience and enjoy of the beautiful area. June is the best time to travel to Switzerland. The mountain passes are still open and the weather varies from hot to pleasant. However, from June to August isn’t ideal if you aren’t into crowds. The hotels, youth hostels and inns are booked. September and October is the second best time to travel. April and May are also great too. During these months, Switzerland is less crowded and you can still enjoy nice weather.


The best time for Switzerland travels is not necessary the months that will save you money. Prices increase during the summer months. The months from November to March is when you’ll receive the best deals on travel and accommodations. There is a word of caution on when to travel to Switzerland. If you are planning to spend the winter on the ski slopes, you’ll pay more money. It is the most expensive during the winter. The best times for Switzerland travels typically doesn’t matter in large cities like Zurich, Bern and Geneva. They don’t generally rely on revenue from tourists so prices tend not to change.


Airfare is the lowest from the first of November to mid-December. Christmas day to March 31 is another time you’ll find low airfares. Airfare begins to rise during what is called the “shoulder season.” This time is from April and May and mid-September to the end of October. The rest of the time airfare is expensive.

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Events in Switzerland

When to go to Switzerland may depend on the events you want to enjoy. The country has a lot of religious holidays and festivals throughout the year. For instance, there is Switzerland’s National Day on the first day of August. Another festival you are partake in depending on when the best time for Switzerland for you is the Vogel Gryff Volksfest in September. The festival has plenty of dancing, music and parades to entertain everyone.
There are other annual festivals to enjoy like Art Basel. The most popular sporting event is the golf tournament called Omega European Masters. For music lovers, there is also the Montreux Jazz Festival. There’s not just jazz to enjoy, but rap, rock and blues too.

Weather in Switzerland

If your answer to when to travel to Switzerland involves the weather, you may be surprised. Overall, the weather is similar to the northern part of the United States. The advantage is that there is not a lot of extreme weather shifts like too hot one day and too cold the next day. Humidity is low. Sometimes you can even sunbath during the winter because there is plenty of sun and no wind. The southern part of Switzerland remains mild and subtropical all year.

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If you love cold, snowy weather go to Switzerland from December to March. There is plenty of snow for snowboarding and skiing. The snow starts to melt about late April. If you like to hike or kayak, June to September is ideal.

The Best Time for Switzerland Travels
If you don’t like crowds, the summer months aren’t the best time to visit Switzerland if even you love warm weather. The winter and summer months aren’t ideal for saving money to travel to the beautiful country. The months after summer gives you good weather and affordable prices on accommodations and travel. You want to investigate travel deals regardless of when you travel to Switzerland. However, the best time to travel is really up to you and your family's schedule.