When to Travel to Costa Rica

Below is information on when to travel to Costa Rica including a chart of weather, flight and hotel prices, and user reviews.

When Should You Visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica's location near the equator keeps it warm year round. Its tropical climate does not vary much as its lows are around 60 degrees and the highs are around 85 degrees throughout the year. Thus, it does not really have seasons unless you consider that some months have more rain than others. This occurs from May to November, but if you wish to visit during the North American summer have no worries. Your trip is not likely to experience monsoon like showers the whole time. However, you should avoid Costa Rica around the end of August to October as that is when hurricane season is on the highest alert.

Of course, weather in Costa Rica will depend on where you are staying. The mountain regions are more temperate with an average of 50 degrees during day, and fairly cool nights. Thus, pack layers if you plan on traveling around the country. This will allow you to stay comfortable no matter what the weather.

Traveling to Costa Rica

Scoring Deals on Travel and Accommodation to Costa Rica

Flights to Costa Rica are least expensive in the North American fall and spring. If you are eager to visit the country, then you will need to book your ticket at least three months in advance. This will give you enough time to search around for deals on hotels and excursions as well.

Just keep in mind that many people visit Costa Rica via cruise ships. Therefore, you will want to avoid major ports of call if you do not like dealing with crowds. If you visit where the cruise ships dock, then you will also be lumped into pile of "cruising tourists." Prices instantly triple for tourists here for one afternoon. Also, cruise ship passengers are often treated poorly because of their reputation for ignorance and obnoxious behavior. You do not want to experience this during your week long stay in Costa Rica. Plus, there is nothing worse than being treated like an inconsiderate tourist when all you want to do is experience the authentic side of an exotic locations.

When to travel to Costa Rica

You can easily get to know the local side of the country if you are open to grittier experiences. Costa Rica is not really known for its glamorous five star resorts and spas. They do exist, but the country is better choice for active people who like being in nature. However, even the most expensive hotels in Costa Rica's major tourist sports are not very expensive when compared to American standards. You will be able to stay in a luxury hotel for as little as $50 a night. However, you can also try staying in smaller boutique hotels through special websites that are dedicated to bed and breakfast. This will make your trip a little more unique, and you will feel like a local thanks to the individualized experience.

Experience New Terrain in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has some of the most incredibly diverse flora and fauna on the planet. Its location near the equator makes it prime rain forest material. You will not find an exotic location filled with more species of plants and animals anywhere else on the planet. Thus, if you love hiking and exploring nature, then Costa Rica will be a dream destination.

Do not be afraid to book a stay in an rainforest lodge where you can stay in the canopy overlooking the lush wildlife. It will be an experience you will never forget. Costa Rica is also home to great beaches and historically rich cities. There is something for everyone in this diverse and beautiful tropical country.