Where to go in Thailand in December

Thailand attracts tourists from around the world that are excited to see ancient ruins, temples, blue lagoons, jungles, outstanding beaches, lush landscapes and a unique culture. Tourists can explore small villages, scuba dive or purchase handicrafts during the day. Those looking for a little action can check out modern cities and nightclubs during the evening. You are sure to have a wonderful time in Southeast Asia and even the weather cooperates in December for sightseeing.

Planning Your TripWeather

The best time of year to plan a get-away to Thailand is during December. It is the peak tourist season because temperatures are mild; there is little rain and lots of sunshine.

Ko Chang

Ko Chang is one of the largest islands in Thailand, and it is well worth your time to check out all the outdoor activities on the island. Visitors to the island find coral reefs, waterfalls, sandy beaches and rainforests that all exceed their expectations.

The whole family can have a great time hiking and watching wildlife ingenuous to the region like elephants, deer, snakes and a wide variety of birds.

During December, Ko Chang only receives small amounts of rain, and it is typically sunny and comfortable with mild temperatures.

Similan Islands

Even if you are new to diving, you do not want to miss an opportunity for underwater exploration while in Thailand. Divers can hardly wait to get to the gorgeous Similan Islands consisting of nine archipelago islands.

For those interested in diving or learning how to dive, you can easily hire a diving tour, which comes complete with boat transportation, diving equipment and tanks. Divers spend days exploring fascinating reefs hoping to see whale sharks, turtles, barracudas, giant triggerfish and manta rays.

Chiang Mai Bazaar

After a day of diving or sun bathing, you might be ready to check out the nightlife. The Chiang Mai Bazaar is open nightly, and it is a major shopping attraction for folks visiting Thailand.

It is a busy, busy place where people gather nightly looking for new products and great deals. The Bazaar literally covers several city blocks filled with fine artwork, clothing, products and handicrafts for sale. Shoppers have a great time looking through vendor booths and haggling for the right price.

Railay Beach

Railay Beach is a picturesque place to visit, and it attracts hikers, rock climbers and sunbathers. Visitors can only get to this peninsula by boat because of the tremendous limestone cliffs, which cut it off from mainland access.

This peninsula has an established reputation around the world that attracts rock climbers ready to test their skills. Climbers and backpackers in the area take advantage of inexpensive bungalows for a nights’ lodging. For those not interested in roughing it, they can enjoy finer accommodations at a local resort.

Khao Yai National Park

If animals have always fascinated you, then you should make a point of stopping in at the Khao Yai National Park. This nature park provides a wonderful opportunity to see and study wildlife in their natural habitat.

It is located just 180 kilometers south-west of Bangkok. November through February are the dry cool months when the park is highly recommended for visitors. It is pleasant during daytime hours but sweaters are recommended for nighttime temperatures.

Tourists love seeing herds of gibbons, wild elephants and other animals including bats, Great Hornbills, sambar deer, black bears and pig-tailed macaques.

The park has hiking trails, amazing scenery and lovely waterfalls. Visitors can partake in rafting, kayaking and boat trips. Safari excursions and jungle trekking tours are also available for those who prefer a guide.


Temples, also called wats are scattered everywhere throughout Bangkok. Quite literally, you have your choice of visiting any one of 400 temples.

The three most popular wats are Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Wat Pra Kaew. It is hard to say which temples are the most stunning or impressive. They are all constructed of different materials and styles during various times. Most of the wats contain old decorative artwork and pieces of religious significance.

Thailand certainly is an ideal tourist destination offering fantastic scuba diving, jungle safaris, ornate temples, shopping bazaars and white sandy beaches. Take advantage of the pleasant weather in December, and you are sure to have a great time.

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