When to Travel to Paris France

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Season by Season: Knowing When to Go to Paris

If you are planning a trip to the capital of France, then you probably want to know when to go to Paris. Spring is one of the best times to go visit the City of Lights. This is just when the sun is starting reappear after a long winter, and the flowers are blooming. The weather is not super hot, and you will not need to bundle up when you go outside. You will have cooler weather and some showers, but it is well worth the trip.

Summer is not bad either as the Parisians really start to come alive. There are plenty of festivals and parks that are lovely to visit. Plus, the national holiday on July 14th is a must see! You can join millions of others on the Champ de Mars and watch the Eiffel Tower light up with fireworks. It is a magical sight, and one you will not forget too soon.

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Fall is just as good as any other season when considering the best time for Paris travels. The weather will be starting to cool, and the leaves will begin to change color. The Jardin de Luxembourg is lovely in the Autumn. You cannot be strolling through the park as the leaves circle around you. Plus, it also a great time if you love fashion. Every year the city hosts fashion week during the first week of October.

Winter is also just as lovely as Christmas is a great time to see the city full of holiday spirit and cheer. All of the festive lights and decorations will be out as well. Plus, there is a the giant Christmas fair down the Champs Elysee that you should not miss. However, if you can wait a couple of months, go in February. The weather will be miserable, but the tickets will drop to at least half price. Plus, crowds will be fewer and hotels cheaper. The weather is not great, but you will see Paris as real Parisians do. Sometimes it is nice to see a city in the off season. You trip will feel more authentic as a result of knowing when to travel top Paris.

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August: Just Do Not Do It!
If you only take one thing away from this article, remember to not visit Paris during the month of August. This is the official summer holiday of many French men and women. You are more than welcome to visit the city during that month, but you will be met with great disappointment. Many shops, restaurants, and bars are closed as the owners go on vacation. Also, tickets will be more expensive as Parisians race to leave the city. Sure, there will be fewer crowds, but you will not be able to see at least half of the city. Thus, save your trip for the other eleven months of the year.

Things to Remember When Travelling To Paris

One of the most important things to do when considering the best time for Paris travels is to write down the list of your trip goals. This will help you narrow down your time frame. Do you want to see Paris when it is blooming with flowers? Would you rather see it when tickets are cheaper? Keep these things in mind so that you are able to see Paris under the best circumstances for you.

You will want to dress appropriately when visiting the fashion capital as well. People will peg you as a tourist, and try to take advantage of you. Thus, dress well, and leave your sneakers at home. Plus, it is nice to start any conversation with a "Bonjour!" Locals will be more receptive to you, and more eager to show you the way. As long as you keep these tips in mind, then your trip to Paris will be a dream come true.