When to Travel to Venice Italy

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The Beauty and Mystique of Venice

Wander the Canals of Romantic Venice

Venice is one of the most magical cities in the world. It is hard to understand just how extraordinary it is unless you have visited in person. You will be able to wander empty paths along the canals and stumble upon deserted squares and parks. Saint Mark's square is also one of the most vibrant centers in all of Europe. You can ride in one of the over-priced yet classic gondolas or hop on a water bus for as little as a euro to explore Venice as it was meant to be seen -- from the deck of a boat.

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As the actual city of Venice is quite small and one of the top destinations in Italy, you will need to expect a high number of tourists year round. There is no real way to avoid large crowds unless you visit during the rainy season when it floods. However, that is not the trip you want to experience.

Venice is also home to relatively small population of around one hundred thousand. As a result, it is powered mainly for tourists, and the prices reflect that aspect of this incredible city. Hotels can be quite expensive unless you are willing to stay on an island or the mainland located at least thirty minutes from the main action. This can save you money, but commuting will take precious time away from your limited stay in Venice.

Flights can be expensive if you are flying directly into Venice's airport. You can score a much better deal by flying into Pisa, Rome, or Verona. You can easily take a high speed train right into the heart of the city for as little as thirty extra euro. It might not be direct, but it can save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, Italy is small enough that even a trip from Rome will not be more than three hours.

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If there is one time you should avoid Venice, try to stay away during the summer. The city of Venice is actually built on an old swamp or lagoon. As a result, it is notoriously humid and sweltering during the summer months. It is also quite stinky which is not something tourists consider when visiting this seemingly magical city during a miserable July. Also, as mentioned earlier, you should do your best to avoid Venice during the flooding season which occurs during the winter.

Experience One of the Best Festivals in Europe: Carnivale!

One of the most exciting times to visit Venice is during the carnival season. This is when you will the city at its finest and tawdriest thanks to masked revelers who party the night and day away. Locals dress in elaborate costumes and young travelers buy masks to partake in the fun. There is something for everyone during carnival season. However, you will need to book your hotel and combination a minimum of a month in advance unless you want to be staying on the streets or an an island far away from the main action! Carivale changes every year as it is in accordance with the Lenten season. It normally occurs around late February or early March.

Venice is full of amazing events all year long. If you have a particular art exhibition or musical act that you like, then check to see if there is a special event being held in the city. There is bound to be an event occurring during the time you want to visit the city built on water!

There is no other city in the world that compares to Venice. If you want to see a place that has mystified generations of travelers, then be prepared to be among those who fall under its spell.